Friday, July 25, 2008

It's alive!!

Well, I'm pretty sure that it's because of my over-achieving bestest friend, but my brain has begun thinking school (in a pretty low-key mode) WAY earlier than normal. (My norm to "get into gear" is August 1st.)

So she started me with Jott, and then I clicked around and found smilebox, which seems to have some super home applications at this point... and might be very useful for elementary school teachers who send home a weekly update with photos and such. I'm sure I could find a putzy use for it in my classroom... but I'm sure it would be something that would fall by the wayside as things get busy.

So that's as low-key as it has gotten so far... I don't want to push it. The school year is long enough as it is. So, until then...

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